ACTA vote in the European Parliament on 4 July

Update: since I posted this, someone (hat tip to @andrewjburgess :) ) decided to ruin the spotting game but made it probably a bit more accurate: see voting results hereunder (go to pg 19 of the document):

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So voted in favour of ACTA:

ALDE: Newton Dunn, Takkula
EFD: Allam, Provera, Tzavela
PPE: Audy, Bendtsen, Berra, Cadec, Casini, Dantin, Dati, Deß, Florenz, Gahler, Gallo, Gauzès, Grossetête, Hortefeux, Juvin, Lamassoure, Langen, Le Brun, Le Grip, Lehne, Mathieu, Morin-Chartier, Motti, Ponga, Posselt, Proust, Quisthoudt-Rowohl, Riquet, Rivellini, Roatta, Sanchez-Schmid, Vlasto, Weber Manfred
S&D: Moreira


As there always is a bit of a lag between the actual votes in the European Parliament and the publication of the roll-call results (i.e. who voted what), we thought it might be useful to encourage you to play a little game of ‘Spot-the-green-dot-and-give-it-a-name’.

So please find hereunder a screen shot of the actual vote on ACTA that took place today, as well as the European Parliament plenary seating map, order a pizza, invite some friends, and go for it!


Screenshot of the vote results

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