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Why this blog?

Some of you may already know that I blog on an (ir)regular basis at Lobbyplanet so why start a new parallel blog?

Well, because at Lobbyplanet, I have set myself two goals when blogging: (1) allow people to have a glimpse of what lobbyists in Brussels do and feel (yes, they do feel, as surprising as this may seem) (2) try to remain funny in all circumstances (I grant you that goal may not always be reached for the reader but I can guarantee I am always having fun as the ‘writer’).

The problem is that when you happen to spend a lot of time trying to understand Internet and telecoms stuff as part of your daily job, there are quite a few subjects you’d love to write about and share thoughts about, without being necessarily funny. Hence the need to set up a new blog.

But why call it Lobbynomics?

I am very much a lawyer and no way near an economist. The closest I get to doing maths these days is going through my timesheets at the end of the month to send invoices to my clients (even lobbyists have to eat and pay rent).

But this blog is not about lobbying itself. Nor is it a legal or regulatory or economical blog, as I consider myself incompetent in all these fields. So thinking about a name, the book ‘Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything’ came to mind…Hey, I am definitely a rogue lobbyist exploring all sides of things that hit my desk on a daily basis…Moreover, as a lobbyist on Internet and telecoms dossiers, I often only voice the end result of the thought process I went trough in building a cleint’s position. Even worse: I am sometimes forced to stick to the elevator’s pitch version of a subject I read several thousands of pages about, talked to software developpers and infrastructure engineers, and tried to wrap my brain around using various mental gymnastics. So that’s where Lobbynomics comes in: hopefully it will shed some light on parts of these musings that led to the perspective that I then advocate.

Lobbynomics is also a service that N-square Consulting offers to its clients, by making sure that the arguments they are trying to put forward are presented in the most effective and transparent manner.

And by the way, who is ‘I’?

That’s nearly Freudian as headings go. ‘I’ is Caroline De Cock, a Brussels-based lobbyist, Managing Director of N-square Consulting, a lobbying firm specialised in the high tech sector, author of iLobby.eu: Survival Guide to EU lobbying including the Use of Social Media. But as with many things in this blog, ‘I’ goes beyond one person as colleagues – namely Herman Rucic – and guest bloggers will also post their thoughts and random musings on an occasional basis.